Two related resources that are produced by 80:20 and may be of interest are:


5:50:500 or how the world rewards the rich at the expense of the poor and where we fit in!

5:50:500 is a collection of over 125 stimulus sheets, designed to encourage and support discussion and debate on a range of key development, justice, human rights and environment issues. It reviews fundamental ideas such as defining and debating development, core human rights conventions, the concepts of justice and equality, women’s rights, sustainability, the brain drain, poverty in Europe and internationally, population, arms etc.

5:50:500 makes extensive use of graphics, images, quotes, cartoons and literature to stimulate activity. It also includes over 300 pages of backup information (in 2-3page units), a menu of suggested ideas for using the stimulus materials and links onwards for additional information.

Available from: developmenteducation.ie/shop


As its name suggests, this resource explores development aid and the various debates around it, from the philosophical basis behind aid to the history of development aid and some of the major defences and criticisms of aid.

This resource is aimed at readers that have some idea about development aid and want to learn more. It cuts through the 'insider' terminology and technical jargon, summarising many of the major academic debates around aid.

Hard copies are available from developmenteducation.ie/shop